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Soulful Sikhism Tours – “Sat Nam” – in search of Truth

Sikhism, the youngest of the world religions, is barely five hundred years old. The foundation of Sikhism was laid down by Guru Nanak.who was born in 1469. Guru Nanak spread a simple message of “Ek Om Kar”: we are all one, created by the One Creator of all Creation. He expressed the reality that there is one God and many paths, and the Name of God is Truth, “Sat Nam”. Sikhs follow the writings in the holy book called Shri Guru Granth Sahib. There are ten Sikh gurus namely Guru Nanak who represents humility, Guru Angad who represents obedience, Guru Amar Das for equality, Guru Ram Das for service, Guru Arjan for self sacrifice, Guru Hargobind represents justice, Guru Har Rai , mercy, Guru Harkrishan Purity, Guru Tegh Bahadur for tranquility and the tenth and last Guru Gobind Singh represents Royal courage. India has a number of Gurudwaras across the country.

Anandpur Sahib

Anandpur Sahib, the Holy City of Bliss, is about 95 km north-west of Chandigarh, Punjab. The city is located in the Rupnagar district in the state of Punjab, India. It is nestled between the Shivalik hills in the east and Sutlej River at far west. Furthermore, this place is surrounded with vast green stretch that delivers calmness and spiritualism in its aroma. It is considered as the holiest place of Sikh religion where Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji spent 25 years of his life teaching and guiding his disciplines.

Goindwal Sahib

Goindwal Sahib, the first Sikh pilgrimage, is located in Taran Taran district of Punjab. In the 16th century, it became an imperative center for Sikhism during the Guruship of Guru Amar Das, the third Guru, who stayed in Goindwal for 33 years. Goindwal is situated on the bank of the river Beas. Goindwal is the place where Guru Amar Das met Guru Ram Das. Guru Arjan Dev was also born here on 15 April 1563.

Golden Temple

Enclosed by a lake with dazzling water, The Golden Temple in Amritsar is the most famous sacred temple of Sikhs. It was erected in 1574 by Guru Arjan, the first Sikh martyr. Shiny with 750 kg of pure gold, tranquil ambience and the sanctified crystal clear water are some of appealing features of the Golden temple. It is indeed a standing beauty of harmony and purity. Also hailed as Shri Harmandir Sahib, the beautiful temple also possesses many other small shrines in its premises. From morning to evening, one can listen to the prayers echoing within the premises of the shrine. All this creates a wonderful atmosphere of unparalleled peace and calm that one will love to experience.

Hemkund Sahib

Hemkund Sahib is a pilgrimage where a devotee feels blessed in the serene environment and experiences the divine vibrations of the pious area. Hemkund Sahib, located in Chamoli district, Uttarakhand, is a prominent Gurudwara in India.

Paonta Sahib

A small hill site in the charming state of Himachal Pradesh, Paonta Sahib is a famous pilgrimage center for Sikhs and a town filled with lots of attractions . Erected in respect of the tenth guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh, it is believed that the Guru lived here for four years. One can relish the beautiful surroundings, enjoy the salubrious climate and the tall evergreen trees around the holy shrine. There is a big darbar inside the complex of the temple where Guru Gobind Singh would sit with 52 poets. Another attraction is Sri Talab Sahib where he would hand out earnings to his soldiers.

Patna Sahib

Also known as as Takht Sri Harimandirji, Patna Sahib and home of Guru Gobind Singh. One can visit here to experience holy enlightenment. The two most famous gurus – Guru Nanak and Guru Tegh Bahadur also paid a visit to this religious shrine. Situated on the banks of Ganga River in the beautiful city of Patna, it was erected by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the first emperor of Punjab.


The Fatehgarh Sahib also called Sirhind and is located in Fatehgarh district in Punjab. It is also famous for a Muslim saint called Muzzajuddin Al Sani’s tomb. Due to its cultural, historical and religious significances, Sirhind is frequented by thousands of tourists or devotees every year.

Taran Taran

Holy Taran Taran is counted among the most sacred places for the community of Sikhs. The peaceful city has diverse cultural, historical and religious edifices. It became a renowned city during the rule of the Sikh dynasty in the north Indian state of Punjab.

Baba Bakala

Baba Bakala is a small town in the Amritsar District of Punjab state of India. It is a renowned historical town and an important pilgrimage site for the Sikhs. It is closely associated with the 9th Sikh Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur.