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India is such a vast country with many states. Each state has its own assortment of mouthwatering dishes and cuisine. The Indian cuisine is popular world-wide and is considered as one of the top favorite cuisines of many people around the World!

The variety in Indian cuisine is phenomenal and can cater to everyone from vegetarians, meat lovers, vegans, people with allergies as well as Ayurveda and yoga enthusiasts. The choice of food is sure to tickle your taste buds! This country offers scrumptious Indian dishes where north Indian cuisine is vastly different from south Indian cuisine and the same goes for east and west Indian food as well. The food industry of India has seen a considerable growth in the recent past and the scope of culinary tours to India has also risen remarkably.

The best culinary tours in India take connoisseurs of food on a trip of some of the most palatable cuisines in India. These tours ensure not only deep insight into our heritage and culture but also into our lip-smacking cuisine from various parts of India.

The most fascinating part of Indian cuisine is a single, simple ingredient is used in completely diverse ways and is prepared differently in every state of India. Every cuisine has local influences and traditions and is prepared according to the availability of ingredients in that region or state. These differences in turn have an enormous impact on the final outcome of the dish.

Our culinary tours will give you an opportunity to get a real taste of some of India’s most famous culinary traditions – Mughal, Rajasthani, South Indian and the Portuguese-tinged flavors of Goa – while feasting with locals in family-run restaurants, rural homes, or in temples. You can discover how food forms a significant part of India’s daily ritual from cities to rural villages. You can learn the secrets of regional cuisines in many local cooking classes and taste an amazing array of street food on eye-opening and adventurous culinary walks; while taking in the heritage and culture of this vast country along the way! These culinary tours showcase the best of Indian food from different and diverse regions with all the sights and fun activities offered in general sightseeing travel packages. The main attraction of these culinary travel packages is the integration of various culinary activities like food walks, cooking classes, introduction to spices, visits to restaurant kitchens all led by a qualified chef. Each pace included in the tour is carefully chosen after considering its cuisine and suitability for culinary activities. Each such chef tour is an optimal combination of food with various other leisure activities.