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At the heart of the entertainment industry in India is Bollywood; a billion-dollar industry that has produced major blockbusters throughout the years. Bollywood is one of the world’s largest film industries, popular for its larger than life sets and storylines, show-stopping dance numbers and actors that are loved and renowned all over the World! Movies are the heart of India, and no trip to the country’s film capital, Mumbai is complete without a visit to its famous soundstages and film city. Mumbai is the center of India’s booming Bollywood film industry. Over 100 films are produced here each year. India produces more films than any other country on earth, and Hindi cinema, Bollywood, is a huge industry by itself.

Besides Mumbai, there are some famous film cities in other parts of India. Film cities can be found in Noida (near Delhi), Hyderabad, and Chennai. Noida Film City has over 25 acres of indoor and is used mostly for making TV serials, news, and current affairs programs. Chennai Film City is home to the Tamil movie industry. Ramoji film city in Hyderabad is a huge tourist destination spread over 2,500 acres. It boasts of being the world’s largest production complex and is a fascinating place to visit with multiple indoor and outdoor movie sets created.

A Bollywood tour takes you through some of the most famous sets where you can see a film studio with various sculptures, props and sets that together create a fantastic movie! See technicians at work and get a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of movie making. You may also be able to peer into a stars’ make-up room and pose for some photos or get autographs of some of the actors. Dance like a Bollywood film star during an energetic performance of diverse Bollywood dance styles, from traditional Indian forms to Middle eastern belly dancing. Feel free to test out your new moves. Drive through the palatial homes of Bollywood stars in the ritzy residential areas of Mumbai.

If you are a die-hard Bollywood fan, these tours could also take you to visit a real-life filming location, where you will be able to watch a movie shoot in action, visit shooting studios, a dubbing studio, a Bollywood dance show where you can shimmy along with Bollywood dancers, and get a chance to mingle with the stars.

You can also learn about the technical side to movie making and the evolution of Bollywood from black-and-white, religious-themed flicks to colorful, cutting-edge extravaganzas!