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Namaste! Welcome to India!

Located in the South Asian continent, India is an incredible country defined by its diversified beauty. India is blessed not only with an astonishing landscape, but also eloquent historical monuments, cuisine, festivals, rich culture and heritage. India is home to a variety of wildlife, floral beauty as well as bird species. It’s landscape consists of snow capped mountains to rainforests and jungles, beaches and deserts.

India being such a vast country, rich in history, there is so much to see and do in each part of India. Once you visit the country, you will keep wanting to come back for more!

Whether you are a history and architecture enthusiast or a connoisseur for Indian cuisine: whether you are a wildlife lover or a bird watcher, whether it’s the culture of the country, the dance, the music, the literature that attracts you or whether it’s the centuries old Ayurveda and yoga that you are looking forward to, India has it all and more.

For an exotic holiday in a country full of adventure and beauty, steeped in ancient customs and traditions, come to Incredible India