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Whether you are looking to buy a bag full of items or just some small momentos to remember your trip to Fiji Islands, we have it all. From super markets, shops and boutiques to handicraft markets, there is an ample variety of shopping that one can indulge in. Remember to look out for the ‘Fijian Made’ stamp when making a purchase and support the local economy.

You can buy locally made items to support the locals or regular imported goods wherever you go. Handicraft markets are located all over Fiji and are the best places to go for locally hand- crafted products, souvenirs and momentos. Locally made curio and traditional gifts from the islands include handmade, carefully designed tapa cloths, and woven goods such as mats, baskets, purses and fans, carvings and pottery.

Fiji also has malls like Tappoo City Mall, Damodar City Mall and MHCC in some of the main cities like Suva. If you would like to experience the life of a local or you wish to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables or some spices, Suva city market is the place to be! You will be amazed to see Fijians, Indians and Chinese vendors are selling their wares in harmony!

Most outlets accept major credit and debit cards and some will even accept the currency of your home country. Shopping hours are usually from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 3pm Saturday, however the Malls and supermarkets also offer late night and Sunday shopping options for your convenience.