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Fiji’s pure air and ambience will only make you feel yourself unwinding a little more with every day that passes by here. With very little effort, you will feel rejuvenated and ready to face the world once more. Cleanse your body with nutritious and delicious locally grown fruit and vegetables. Soak up the sunshine and float for a while in the calm warm waters of sheltered bays; a little salt-water therapy goes a long way! Lulled by the gentle sound of waves lapping the shore and cooled by the light sea breeze, you will enjoy the kind of deep, undisturbed sleep that fully recharges your mind. Fiji offers Spa and wellness treatments to completely rejuvenate you and help you to bounce back with energy and good health. Indulge in a beachside massage or a trip to the spa to soothe away any remaining cares.

Sink into a beachside hammock and sip on the refreshing juice of a green coconut called ‘Bu’, bursting with natural minerals to help rebalance from within. Fiji delights the senses and satisfies the spirit. There are regular yoga retreats held around the islands, but you need not be a die-hard yogi to enjoy this tranquil backdrop. As the sun peaks over the horizon, head to the beach and breathe in the new day to awaken your soul, ready to exercise your body with activities designed around nature. Experience this liberating sense of wellness.