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If you are a nature lover, Fiji is a great place to enjoy natural beauty. From mountain ranges to river gorges, mangrove forests and coral reefs, Fiji has some spectacular surroundings. Intact forests stretch from mountainous peaks down to the coastline of some islands. When you hike and trek deep into the thick, natural rainforests, your lungs will be treated to some of the freshest air you will ever be likely to breathe. Discover waterfalls pouring into cool crisp pools that you can swim in, as you marvel the beauty of the surrounding native plants and wildlife. Fiji’s forests are home to a wide array of unique birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, insects and other invertebrates. Fiji is great for bird watching and wildlife.

Alternatively, you can take a gentle stroll through well-kept botanical gardens to learn more about the various medicinal and practical uses of Fiji’s flora. Rare endemic species such as the Fiji crested iguana and the colourful Kadavu parrot can be seen at educational centres and the National Wildlife Parks.

One can also visit National Heritage Sites like Levuka, which was declared in 2013 by UNESCO.

Fiji’s natural beauty does not only lie above sea level, but below sea level too! There are over 200 locally managed Marine Parks and Reserves around Fiji if you would like to learn more about the underwater world! You can enjoy guided snorkels or scuba dives through beautifully, healthy and well managed areas of coral reef during your holiday. Migrating humpback whales jump and splash through Fiji waters from June through to October, five of the world’s seven sea turtles play in Fiji’s waters and large resident pods of spinner dolphins call Fiji home. You can marvel at their impressive aerial displays during a visit to Moon Reef.