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Fiji consists of various races and ethnicities that have been living in Fiji for many generations. Fijians, Indians, Chinese and Europeans co-exist together in mutual respect and harmony for each other. Thus, Fiji has a rich culture and heritage. Various arts and crafts give Fiji a unique identity. Along with traditional etiquette and local architecture, it tells a story of the culture and its evolution over time. Historical artefacts are preserved and displayed within museums and art galleries and are protected as National Heritage Sites. Levuka in Fiji, a tiny, quaint town was protected as a UNESCO World heritage site in 2013. Fiji has a culture worth digging deep into and discovering new aspects of the culture you never knew existed. From cultural programs that are held at Port Denarau and other parts of the islands to cooking classes and village visits, all these give you a true flavor of the culture and heritage of Fiji. Fiji also has several temples, churches, and mosques which define Fiji’s rich culture. Many more of Fiji’s cultural structures have withstood the test of time to remain an integral symbol of important moments in Fiji’s history.