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Fiji’s waters are crystal clear and beautiful shades of blue. The cleanest waters on earth. Fiji is known for its magnificent beaches and various water sports and activities. Enjoy a day full of fun, sun and sea!

Scuba diving

Experience total bliss and feel every heartbeat as you live every moment swimming through colorful fish and coral reefs. Fiji is home to the Great Astrolabe Reef. Be surrounded by the beauty and serenity of the wonderful creations deep down under.

Shark diving

Witness eight different shark species while enjoying a heart thumping dive here in Fiji waters. This experience is something you will never forget in many, many years to come.

Surf boarding

Try your hands at surf boarding. Ride the waves and learn to conquer them. Lessons are also provided for beginners.

Fly boarding

Have you ever imagined standing on the water and flying at the same time? Well, now it’s possible with fly boarding. It will enable you to wade like a dolphin in the water, swapping turns and learning to maneuver around whilst hovering above the ocean high above the water.


Swim through clear blue waters and see the wonders the ocean has to offer. See multi-colored shoals of fish and coral reefs. Experience paradise under water right here in Fiji.


Enjoy a jet-ski adventure. Ride the torrents with speed and feel the water splashing all around you giving you a wonderful high.

Kite boarding

What is it really like to fly those kites out there in the ocean? Fly a kite, jump on a board and begin riding the waves. This is what you will experience when you try your hand at becoming a skillful kite boarder.

Paddle board

Drive everyone around you with envy as you paddle standing on a board through a calm river. Enjoy this unique activity to your heart’s desire.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoe or kayak down one of the rivers peacefully and enjoy the calmness and serenity of the nature around you.

Wind surfing

Consistent trade winds and regular high pressure systems make for perfect wind surfing conditions.


For the more adventurous, kayak in the white waters torrents and experience the thrill of kayaking your way through this heart thumping activity.

Para sailing

Feel the thrill of seeing miles and miles of ocean from high above as you parasail over the most clear, turquoise blue waters of Fiji.

Underwater scooter

If you have never dived then this activity is for you. The underwater scooter is a unique and easy way to discover the wonderful underwater world of lush colors of tropical corals and fish in the Pacific Ocean. The underwater ride is for everybody and is easy, fun and safe.

Jet boating

Imagine if you could see crystal clear views of fish and a live reef under the water without having to wear a mask, scuba equipment or getting wet? For the less adventurous, there couldn’t be a more comfortable alternative to see the beautiful underwater world than jet boating.


Enjoy an early morning out at sea, fishing. Troll around the schools of skipjack and yellowfin and larger species like the marlin, wahoo and mahi mahi. One can also troll in the protected reefs for spanish mackerel, tuna, barracuda, queen fish, blue fin trevally and the giant trevally.

Water parks

Situated in the heart of Denarau Island, the Big Bula Waterpark is a place of fun and nonstop enjoyment featuring water slides and other fun activities for the whole family!

Boat cruises

Enjoy day charters or overnight charters which include meals on board , refreshments, snorkeling gear, paddle boarding, fishing etc. The climate is perfect for lazing in the warmth of the tropical sun and sipping on Champagne basking in the most romantic place on earth, one of the best ways to take advantage of the fantastic environment here in Fiji.