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Fiji has lots of adventure to look forward to and enjoy, allowing you to check many things off your bucket list. Those who like land or water will enjoy Fiji’s beauty from under or over Fiji’s surface.

Whether you are a family with children looking to bond together or backpackers, whether you are a lone traveller or yet still a couple or a group of friends, Fiji offers something for everyone.

Where do you derive your adrenaline rush from?

Some of the adventure options available on land in and around Fiji Islands are listed below:

Eco-Adventure Parks

Fiji has adventure parks that provide unlimited fun. From huge walk through enclosures of parrots, doves, water birds and reptiles to marine displays of ocean turtles. From rollercoaster zip rails to big mountain jungle water slides. Wooden walkways and bridges to trek through the Park along with amazing activities like The Flying Fijian, Commando Course, Leap of Faith etc. make Fiji’s adventure parks worth visiting.

Mud pool tours

If you have never been covered in mud before, you are missing out on a satisfying therapeutic experience in the mud pools and hot springs of Fiji. It’s not only enjoyable for children but for adults too. Besides the fun factor, it also has age defying benefits and healing properties.

Zip-line fun

Zip-lining is an unprecedented adventure that can be extremely enjoyable. As you go speeding down on the zipline with the wind blowing on your face and through your hair, noticing all the beauty of spectacular wilderness and breathtaking ocean views from high up, you will feel on top of the World!

Sky diving and free fall adventures

Experience the heights with as high as 14,000 feet tandem sky-dive jump from the iconic Denarau Island.

Waterfall tours

Hidden away by the lush vegetation that Fiji boasts of are waterfalls and hot springs. Hike up to the waterfalls and then enjoy swimming in the crystal blue waters.

Hiking and trekking

Be engulfed by green vegetation and mountains filled with pure clean air as you take a mesmerizing hike across various terrains.

Scenic flights

If ever there was a landscape ideally suited to air travel, then the island paradise of Fiji must be it. Hidden tropical sanctuaries, miles of pristine coastline and crystal clear water, spectacular inland rainforests and mountain peaks. Scenic helicopter and seaplane tours assure you of a spectacular experience you won’t ever forget.

Cultural and Historical Tours

Visit National Archaeological Heritage Sites that are worth exploring. The Sigatoka Sand Dunes and the quaint little town of Levuka, Fiji’s first capital are some of the heritage sites in Fiji. The Nakabuta village is home to Lapita pottery making and other souvenirs, which shows the cultural heritage of Fiji.

Off road driving

Discover another side of Fiji – its interiors. Take a thrilling ride on a two seater quad bike into the mountains for incredible views, luscious greenery, and fun!Whether you’re splashing through mud puddles, crossing rivers, or taking in spectacular views – you’re going to have a blast.

Horse riding

Enjoy horse back riding along the beach and explore other parts of Fiji in this beautiful way!

Cycling Tours

There is much more to Fiji than seaside! If you are craving for adventure, discover one of Fiji’s best kept secrets on the eco cycling tours using mountain bikes. These tours offer spectacular views, wildlife, fresh water swimming activities and an insight to life in rural Fiji. Silence is the key word when the wind whispers through the pine trees. Aromas, views and sounds will captivate your senses.