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Fiji Islands

Bula! Welcome to Fiji Islands!

Located in the South Pacific, Fiji is blessed with over 320 tropical islands out of which 110 are inhabited and home to some of the happiest people on Earth.

Fiji is a land of white, palm fringed sandy beaches, tropical rainforests and coconut plantations, multi-colored coral reefs with clear lagoons and rugged landscapes. Fiji has something for everyone – from the newlywed honeymooners to divers and from the adventurous backpacker to families looking to relax and get away from it all! When you’re here as our guest, you’re on Fiji time. You’ll find life slows down a little, and no one is too fussed about what hour it is.

Known for its luxurious private-islands, all-inclusive resorts, top spas, culinary destinations and outdoor adventures, Fiji is most widely celebrated for its culture and hospitality.

For an exotic holiday in a country full of adventure and beauty, steeped in ancient customs and where the locals treat you as honored guests, come to Fiji!