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Australia has some of the best clinics and destinations that will make you feel rejuvenated and ready to face the world once more. It’s an experience that is now in demand and has lots of tourists and locals spending hundreds for the betterment of their health and skin with organic natural products.

Cleanse your body with nutritious and delicious locally grown fruit and vegetables straight from the farm. Visit one of Australia’s popular farms such as the sunny Ridge strawberry farm located in Melbourne peninsula where you can not only pick and eat strawberries fresh from the farm but also enjoy several decadent strawberry desserts.

The Adelaide hills region is a fertile place that not only offers wine tours for tourists but also is home to some Australian skin care companies that invest in natural ingredients such as Voluminous pink roses, African violets, lemon verbena and so many other medical plants and herbs used to manufacture beauty products to be used in clinics, spas and even for exports, reflecting the industries “seed to skin” journey, a plant based skincare niche market in Australia.

Mud Thermal pool is a well-known activity that helps visitors rejuvenate. Soaking in the warm springs covered with mud that helps in skin cleansing and relaxation together with other various spa and wellness treatments are available to completely rejuvenate you and to help you to bounce back with energy and good health.

You can also simply soak up the sunshine and float for a while in the calm waters of sheltered bays, a little salt therapy goes a long way! Lulled by the gentle sound of the waves lapping the shore and cooled by the light sea breeze, you will enjoy the kind undisturbed sleep that fully recharges your mind.