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Australia consists of various races and ethnicities that have been living in the country for many generations and call Australia their home. The culture is primarily a Western culture and is one of the most successful multicultural society in the world made up of Chinese, Europeans, Americans , Indians and so many more, where people are defined not by their race, religion or culture but by the values of freedom and law of equality that each individual has to share.

Australia is home to thriving art scenes with a year-round calendar of exhibitions, festivals, and events. It’s a country with a rich culture and heritage which embodies ten thousands of years of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island stories, their traditional practices, and ceremonies and historical artefacts preserved, displayed and protected as World Heritage Sites, waiting to be discovered in a range of Museums, art galleries, aboriginal communities across the country and nearby iconic venues such as the Sydney Opera House and Uluru, thus creating a unique identity, conveying stories of their development as a nation.

Australian culture is worth digging deep into and discovering new aspects of the culture you never knew existed such as The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History. Who knew you would find dinosaurs existence in Australia’s history?

From cultural Aboriginal programs across the country, these communities are waiting to tell tourist’s their existence and lifestyle as an aboriginal with cooking classes and community and land site visits, all to give you the true flavor of the culture and heritage in Australia.