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Australia is known to have one of the best culinary destinations in the world with Melbourne being the culinary capital.

Asian, Spanish, and Italian culinary traditions are present in their authentic form and modern interpretations make for inventive fusion fare. Seafood is an integral part of the cuisine with Lobsters, shrimp and salmon being indigenous staples while extensive aquaculture provides oysters, mussels, and tuna.

The national dish is the meat pie while the National cake is the Lamington that every Australian enjoys till today. Despite international influence, there are still several traditional dishes native to Australia such as “bush tucker” that refers to food drawn from Australian flora and fauna such as crocodile, emu and kangaroo meat which is gaining popularity amongst many seeking fine dining.

Barbeque which Aussies refer to fondly as ‘barbie’ is perhaps the nation’s most favorite which remains a quintessential, Aussie food experience. Aussie’s culinary goes from fine classy dining to outdoor fun and entertainment. Be part of food festivals, local concerts, and markets across the country to get a taste of unique culture and multicultural dishes that makes a person delightful and content. It offers several dishes a foodie can ask for, in one place, from a sub to chicken parmigiana, wraps and Barramundi.