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Sailing, cruises and yacht charters is one of the best ways to explore some of Australia’s most remote coastal regions only accessible by water.

You cannot go wrong in Australia with cruise routes that dive deep into the Australian culture, vast landscapes, and the unique wildlife. Whether you cruise the northern reaches of the Great Barrier Reef to the top end near Cape York and Anthem Land or along Northern Australia into the Kimberley region or down to Tasmania, it creates a perfect mix of adventure and exploration as the voyage takes you along spectacular coastlines, magnificent gorges, waterfalls, past high-water cliffs, and rock formations and amongst seal colonies.

Away from tourist crowds, experience Australia’s nature, history, and culture such as the Aboriginal Tiwi art and culture together with guided activities such as hiking, sea kayaking, diving, and craft excursions. It’s also an opportunity to get up close with wildlife through these cruises such as the jumping crocodile cruise in Darwin where travelers can view and feed powerful crocodiles in their natural habitats along with other wildlife and bird species throughout their journey and take home memories to last a lifetime.