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Australia is well known internationally for its incredible beaches. Having a beautiful weather all year round, it is a great destination for tourists to enjoy dozens of water adventures. Enjoy a day full of fun, sun, and sea!

Scuba Diving and Shark Diving

Feel every heartbeat as you live every moment swimming through colorful tropical fish and coral reefs. Australian seas inhabit almost 170 species of sharks from the world’s largest whale shark to one of the smallest, the pygmy shark. Encounter sharks through an eco-friendly shark dive cage, surrounded by the beauty and serenity of the wonderful creations deep down under. An experience that many will never forget in many years to come.

Surfing and Paddle Board

Try your hands at surf boarding and Paddle board. Ride the waves and learn to conquer them. Lessons are also provided for beginners. Queensland’s Gold coast is Australia’s most exhilarating surfing spot with a man-made sandbank that creates one of the longest wave rides in the world. Enjoy this unique activity to your heart’s desire.

Fly Boarding

Have you ever imagined standing on the water and flying at the same time? Well now it is possible with fly boarding. It will enable you to wade like a dolphin in the water, swapping turns and learning to maneuver around whilst hovering above the ocean high above the water.

Jet-ski and Jet Boating

Enjoy a thrilling jet ski and jet boating adventure. Ride the torrents with speed, extreme spins, and magical views, feeling the water splashing all around you, giving you a wonderful experience.

Kite Surfing & Wind Surfing

Being one of the best countries for kiteboarding and Wind surfing, Australia’s coastline measures 35,877 kilometers and the conditions range from flat water lakes to waves and windy coasts. Being so big, there is always wind somewhere and it is full of hidden gems.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoe or kayak down one of the rivers peacefully and enjoy the calmness and serenity of the nature around you. Nitmiluk National park offers the ultimate outback kayaking adventure with cliffs rising to 100 meters as you paddle through and between freshwater crocodiles.

White water rafting

One of the popular water sports in Australia, experience an exhilarating water adventure with family and friends at an ideal destination such as the Barron river in Melbourne through the gushing waters or relax amidst the calm and serene atmosphere of Lake Placid.


Feel the thrill of seeing miles and miles of ocean from high above as you parasail over the most clear, turquoise blue waters of Australia.

Underwater scooter

If you have never dived, then this activity is for you. The underwater scooter is a unique and easy way to discover the wonderful underwater world of lush colors of tropical corals and fish in the Pacific Ocean. The underwater ride is for everybody and is easy, fun, and safe.


Australia is an angler’s paradise. Catch a Barramundi, bluefin tuna, yellowtail kingfish and crayfish in one of the ‘secret spots’. Harvest oysters, observe whales, dolphins, turtles, and crocodiles while visiting this remarkable landscape and truly experience Australia’s most intriguing final frontier.