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Australia is one of the destinations in the world that has numerous adventurous activities that every age group should experience once in a lifetime. A lot from your bucket list can get ticked off as you experience Australia with its adventure, excitement, and breathtaking panorama.

So, are your adrenaline rush ready?

Some famous Adventure destinations available on Land in and around Australia are listed below:

Adventure Caving

A unique sport in Australia that allows tourists to explore depths of the world thriving underground. Consume the vibes of haunting caves across the country such as Jewel cave and Mammoth Cave, with just a torch in your hand as you walk and crawl past narrow paths in these haunting caves.

Amusement Parks

Australia has atleast 30 major amusement and theme parks throughout the country. Dream World, Luna Park, Aussie World, and Warner Bros- movie world, attracts thousands of visitors each year providing the best thrilling rollercoaster rides, delicious food, and entertainment for the entire family.

Water Theme Parks

When it comes to summer, Australia has the best water theme parks that offer a fun experience worth treasuring forever. Wet & Wild, Sea World and Whitewater World are some of the most popular parks that provide the best thrilling water slides and rides to visitors.

Bungee Jumping

Bungy jump while surrounded by a stunning scenery is an adrenaline-pumping thrill every adventurist would want to experience. Cairns is the only place in Australia where Bungy jumping is offered together with Minji Swing, a giant swing which is awesome fun and can be done solo or tandem.

Cycling and Biking Tours

If its great in a car, its brilliant on a bike. Australia will not disappoint you when it comes to cycling and mountain biking. Treat the adventure enthusiast in you with several places in Australia such as the Great Otway National park in Victoria and Hollybank reserve in Tasmania.

Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Australia’s most iconic tourist attraction, the Sydney Harbor Bridge is a 134-meter-high summit that travellers choose to climb learning about the history of the bridge along the way while experiencing the glamorous harbor city views.

Climbing and Abseiling

Australia has some amazing rugged cliffs, majestic mountains and extensive monolith rocks throughout the country which is a wonderland for climbers. Mount Arapiles in Victoria is one of the most popular destinations with more than 2,000 designated climbs with a dramatic and demanding rock formation providing tourists experiences of a lifetime.

Cliff camping

A unique adventure, where tourists enjoy breathtaking views whilst enjoying dinner and settling in for an unforgettable night of adventure sleeping on the wall, beneath massive rock overhangs, exploring terrain usually reserved for expert rock climbers. Mount Buffalo has one of the highest abseils in the world at 300 meters in length and provides one of the best experiences.

Eco National Parks

Visit some of the stunning natural parks and marine reserves across Australia and encounter a large living collection of native plants and animal species mostly used for scientific research and creation. From a rare sight of native birdlife and penguins at Booderee National park to Australia’s Red center, that has a history from ten thousand years ago.

Hiking and Trekking

The gorgeous land of Australia has many places like Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory, Twelve Apostle Lodge walk Victoria, Fraser Island Queensland, and many more for a perfect hiking and trekking experience. Embark on an adventurous trek through the rugged yet charming terraces to spectate some rare sights of Australian nature.

Hang Gliding

One of Australia’s popular adventure sport that has tourists flying freely like a bird. Sydney, Queensland, and Tasmania are few states that provide this activity and has adventurers soar high in the eternal sky, cherishing the view of the scenic landscape through a bird’s eye.

Off Road Driving

4×4 Adventures offer variety of excitement and challenges with plenty of wild mountains, deserts, rainforests, and coastlines which makes Australia a perfect destination. Push your driving skills to the limit in a nation where scenery changes so dramatically.

Sky Diving and Free fall Adventures

Kiss your comfort zone goodbye as you experience Australia’s amazing sky dive and free fall from 15,000 feet above over and around various locations in Australia including Sydney to Perth.

Scenic flights

A scenic joy flight over Australia’s scenic landmarks such as the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Sydney Harbor and many more that offer visitors an experience of a lifetime. An easier and fastest way to spectate some of Australia’s wonders.

Zipline Fun

Experience Australia’s largest ziplining for an ultimate adventure. Tambourine mountain and inside of Curcumin sanctuary are few destinations that provide an adventure by flying over the rainforest canopy around Australia. A unique eco-wilderness adventure that provides you with a treetop view of plants, flowers, butterflies, and sometimes larger animals in the rain forest.

Zoo and Wildlife Aquarium

Conservation of wildlife is an important task for Australia as most of Australia’s wildlife is found nowhere else in the world. Australia offers a truly remarkable wildlife encounter, being home to the world’s most diverse waters, highest number of reptiles, endemic bird species and fascinating marsupials. Visit Sydney Sea Life Aquarium and Australia Zoo for the kids to enjoy learning and see wildlife up close.