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Sports has been part of the Traditional Maori Society for centuries referred to as the House of Entertainment (Whare Tapere) which is a branch of knowledge including performing arts and athletics. Many sports-built strength, endurance, agility, and battle skills that were used by both men and women in wrestling, running, jumping, acrobatics and water sports as part of survival and tribal wars.

New Zealand is a relatively small country, but it takes its sport very seriously, particularly Rugby and there is no denying the fact they are highly successful when it comes to sports.

New Zealand is part of many international sporting events and has participated in many Olympic Games.

Besides rugby, cricket and netball are also quite popular in the country. New Zealand has at times been one of the strongest teams in world cricket along with other sports such as Basketball, football (Soccer), Sailing and skiing.

Kiwis are known to be sports lovers and love the great outdoors, as a result, New Zealand hosts an exciting range of sporting events every year such as Queenstown International Marathon, Coast to coast multisport event in Christchurch, Winter Games NZ, held every year in Queensland and many more. New Zealand takes part in World Rugby cup, Cricket, and other events held internationally.