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Social events

The surest way to make your event memorable is through meticulous planning & detailing. A fun, exciting and memorable celebration that the clients and their guests will cherish forever.

Planning a celebration, be it a special birthday, anniversary or a wedding usually takes between 200 to 400 hours. Dynasty handles everything from planning to multi-day events while always setting clients at ease to bring about a fun loving, energizing spirit to all our events that emanates to all those around us. We work with a team of highly creative directors, stylists, designers, production personnel and suppliers to bring the clients’ creative visions into reality. Hriday says “I absolutely love working with couples to find meaningful and chic ways to represent their own style on their big day – our goals make your event first-class, seamless behind the scenes, and unforgettable. We deliver a product that is dazzling, creative and perfect which adorns family albums for years to come.”