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Nature and Wildlife

New Zealand is known for its varied demography of mountain vistas, ancient forests, volcanic landscapes, and stunning coastlines.

Wander into one of New Zealand’s native forests and you’ll hear it ringing with birdsong. The warbling tui, the frittering piwakawaka (Fantail) and the large and lumbering kereru (Native wood pigeon) are the ones to look out for. The National emblem is an endangered species yet seen in the wild Northland and on Stewart island, Kiwi birds are also seen at Wildlife enclosures throughout the country, and other wildlife encounters such as Cape kidnappers, Stewart island, Subantarctic islands and Muriwai Gannet Colony, where you can experience bird watching with amazing sceneries.

Whales can be spotted throughout New Zealand including Auckland’s beautiful Hauraki Gulf and the wonderful Kaikoura. Sperm whales, the largest of the toothed whales can be seen at Kaikoura all year round along with other dolphin species.

New Zealand also has three species of penguins that is the Korora (Little blue penguin) known as the world’s smallest penguin, The rare Hoiho (Yellow- eyed penguin) and the Tawaki (Fiordland Crested Penguin). You cannot help but be charmed by these amazing birds that have a character of their own. When on land, penguins have an ungainly waddle, marching upright like self- important little people, but when in the water, they take a new grace, diving, swooping with aerobatic agility.

Zoos and wildlife parks offer both native and exotic animal encounters. If you are unable to hike the mountains, spot your favorite New Zealand animal in one of these wildlife parks.

Zealandia Ecosanctuary is another popular sanctuary in New Zealand that is home to over 40 rare native species. Visit the valley after dark by a night tour and discover thousands of glow worms and over 150 kiwis by night. Experience this world-renowned conservation success that lies only minutes from Wellington’s CBD.