Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

As medical tourism or health tourism providers, we assist people in planning their medical travel by offering end-to-end services. We handle everything starting from your airline tickets to travel to India, communication with the airlines for upliftment, medical visas, airport transfers to and from the hospital, admissions, documentation, treatments and finally discharge and travelling back to your home country.

Our services are designed to take the weight off your shoulders and take care of it all, under one umbrella. This way you can relax and focus on getting treated and recover. We assist patients in choosing the best treatments for the symptoms they are facing, the right hospital anywhere in India that deals or specializes in that particular symptom, the best doctors and above all, at the most economical cost that suits their budget. All this at no extra cost to our clients!

medical tourism

Why India?

India is placed among the top three medical tourism destinations in Asia due to its low cost of treatment, quality healthcare infrastructure, availability of highly qualified and skilled doctors, experienced surgeons, nurses, and other staff who are experts in their field of work. These doctors are proficient in their respective fields like cardiology, orthopedic surgery, obesity surgery, gastroenterology, eye surgery, dentistry, urology, cosmetic surgery, etc. All diagnostics are done by using latest technology. India also provides alternative therapies for medical treatments like ayurveda retreats, panchakarma, yoga etc.


medical tourism

Some Advantages

  • Low cost of treatment compared to other western countries
  • Internationally accredited medical facilities
  • Latest medical technology and equipment
  • Highly skilled and experienced physicians and surgeons
  • Friendly hospital staff
  • No language barrier as English is spoken all over India and interpreters for all foreign languages are available
  • Can be combined with a holiday or a business trip
  • Specialized treatment available for any medical condition
  • No waiting time

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